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Study and Learn
Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil

Anyone can study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil! Think Abroad visits and evaluates each Affiliate Foreign Language School (AFLS) it represents! People of all ages can study Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil. Students who attend our AFLS in Florianopolis, Brazil will be thrilled to find themselves surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches imaginable.


Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!

Our Affiliate Foreign Language School (AFLS) in Florianopolis, Brazil is a 15 - year old institution with an internationally renowned reputation for excellence in education. To be selected as a Think Abroad AFLS, every school must offer classes that primarily focus on developing the communicative skills needed in order to achieve the specific goals of competency and aptitude in a foreign language. Our school in Florianopolis is no exception.

Since the school’s inception, it has built up a unique brand of foreign language education with a strong emphasis on conversation, pronunciation, and grammar. Our AFLS in Florianopolis is also noteworthy of having a diverse collection of ages and ethnicity among its student body, with students from all over the world represented, ranging from the ages of 6 to 70 years old.

Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!

Over the years, the school has gained both national, and international respect and admiration for its unwavering commitment to the Portuguese language education. As a result of their high educational standards, multiple international accrediting bodies have recognized our AFLS in Florianopolis for the outstanding quality, and superiority of their foreign language education.


Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!

Think Abroad’s AFLS is located on a beautiful, quiet street in the heart of Lagoa da Conceição, an area with a rich cultural history, where academics and learning are a central theme of the local environment.  In addition to the school, there are schools for theater, music, and the arts around the city.

Conversely, bars, restaurants, clubs, and retail stores are in close proximity to the school, which, not only keep students entertained, but also presents them with countless opportunities to put their Portuguese language skills into everyday, conversational use. Grocery stores, markets, payphones, and bus transportation are within a comfortable walking distance of the school. Furthermore, the city of Florianopolis has a superb record of ensuring the safety and security of its local residents and international tourists.

Students who attend our AFLS in Florianopolis will be thrilled to find themselves in some of the most beautiful beaches imaginable in just minutes by bus or car. The city of Florianopolis touts 42 pristine beaches where locals and tourists alike flock to take in the magnificent scenery and attend some of the surf competitions that are held annually on Florianopolis’ treasured shores.

Learn and study Brazilian Portuguese at Portuguese School in Florianopolis, Brazil!

Students will also be impressed by the remarkable sand dunes, which bisect Florianopolis’ beaches. The alternative sport of sand boarding originated in the city of Florianopolis.

Students looking to try their hand at the sport will be pleased to find that renting a board near the dunes is very easy and affordable. However, those looking for a more subdued outing can go on a hike of the dunes where they can observe the lush Florianopolis coastline from atop the sandy peaks. And if beautiful beaches and amazing sand dunes were not enough, students will be amazed to find that the natural forests of Florianopolis have an extremely diverse mix of vegetation and biodiversity that is unlike any other.

Learn and study Brazilian Portuguese at Portuguese School in Florianopolis, Brazil!

Excursions to the beaches, dunes, and forests will be organized and advertised on bulletin boards at the school. Students are encouraged to explore the surrounding areas, and participate in many of the outdoor and alternative sports activities that are popular in Florianopolis. It’s no wonder than that with all of these natural riches that VEJA magazine, a Brazilian publication, rated Florianopolis “the best place to live in Brazil.”

Florianopolis’ environment is characterized as a humid subtropical climate with distinct seasons present throughout the year. Maximum temperatures during the summer months (January-March) can reach up to 88 °Fahrenheit, and during the winter months (July-September minimum temperatures can drop to as low as 45 °Fahrenheit).

Learn and study Brazilian Portuguese at Portuguese School in Florianopolis, Brazil!

Florianopolis has the most German descent of any other part of Brazil. There is also a strong Italian influence throughout the city, as well as a strong Azorean atmosphere from the first immigrants who settled in the region 250 years ago. Many commercial fishermen inhabit the region also, giving the city a distinctive balance between sophisticated cultural center, with humble working class principles. Florianopolis’ folklore, cuisine, fishing boats, and colonial architecture allow the city to distinguish itself from any other section of South Eastern Brazil. Furthermore, environmental restrictions on building and commercial development are regularly enforced throughout Florianopolis, which allows the city to maintain the charm of its unaffected, physical beauty.


Learn and study Brazilian Portuguese at Portuguese School in Florianopolis, Brazil!

The school is located on a cheerful, quiet street in central Lagoa da Conceição. The school is well equipped with modern resources such as Internet, phone lines, and fax.  Computers with Internet access are available for use during school hours between 8am to 10pm, Monday – Friday.  There are a total of seven classrooms designed for group, and private classes with one classroom specifically intended for children.

Learn and study Brazilian Portuguese at Portuguese School in Florianopolis, Brazil!

All classrooms have air conditioning and are well lit and comfortable to maximize the learning experience of every student. TV’s and DVD players are also incorporated into the educational program for added emphasis on listening, comprehension, and pronunciation.

The school also has its own library with additional videos and literature available for students to check out and use.  There is also a snack shop in the school where students can relax, buy food, drinks, and further study their lessons.  The snack shop is also a popular meeting place for students to interact with their fellow classmates and teachers, and practice their Portuguese in an informal, conversational setting. Additionally, students will be pleased to find a reception room at the entrance of the school. There, school aides and staff happily greet and assist students with any questions or inquiries that they might have about the school or surrounding area.


Students who wish to bring their laptop computers along with them will be allowed to utilize the school’s vast Internet connections, computer labs, and resources. The school has WiFi Internet capability, which can be accessed anywhere on campus premises.

Learn and study Brazilian Portuguese at Portuguese School in Florianopolis, Brazil!
Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!






Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!

The teachers at our AFLS in Florianopolis are native Brazilians who have earned bachelors or master’s degrees.  In addition to this, all of the schools instructors receive ongoing teacher training throughout the year.  Moreover, all language professors are required to undergo a intensive training provided and required by the school prior to teaching a live class. 

Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!

All professors are evaluated through questionnaires, filmed classes and direct evaluations by their supervisors. Furthermore, all of the teachers at the school speak more than one language fluently, typically English, French, and/or Spanish. The lesson plans and course material (included in the program price) at the school revolve around maintaining a conversation, with accurate pronunciation, and correct grammar. In order to place students in their appropriate language level of understanding, all students are required to take a placement test on the first day of classes.  The test usually takes 30-minutes to one hour, and upon completion, each student is placed in either a group, or private class depending upon his or her preference.  Group classes typically have a maximum of five students total.

IMPORTANT: Students must enroll in the GROUP COURSE on specific start-dates, which usually take place twice a month. Additionally, the GROUP COURSE is only offered to those who are true beginners to Brazilian Portuguese. So, if there is not a group class offered on the days you will be studying abroad, you will have to enroll in the private class.

Please inquire about these start-dates by contacting us.

Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!

Teachers use workbooks and handouts provided by the school, which correspond with the various levels and abilities of Portuguese understanding and comprehension. In total, there are 16 modules of Portuguese from beginner to advanced capability.  There are 15 hours of class in each module required for completion in order to progress on to the next level.  Typically, students will take 3 hours of private or group classes per day, whereby at the end of the week, they will have completed the 15-hours of class and work needed to advance.

In addition to handouts and workbooks, teachers use media alternative media sources such as TV, movies, and music, to further emphasize their lessons.

Private lessons are available for students, along with other customized, professional language courses for individuals who want to learn more specific vocabulary and expressions that are more explicit to their profession.

* Classes in Medical, legal, and business Portuguese are available through private lessons upon request.

sample Daily timetable
First Lesson: 9:00 - 9:50 Review
Second Lesson 9:50 - 10:40 Vocabulary
Class Break 10:40 - 10:50 Class Break
Third Lesson 10:50 - 11:40 Grammar
Fourth Lesson 11:40 - 12:30 Conversation
Classes end
Lunch Break 12:30 - till Beach Time



Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!

Students who attend our AFLS in Florianopolis will have an abundance of opportunities to become further acquainted with the local culture of the region through weekly outings at local bars or restaurants.  There are also weekly activities planned in advance for the students such as hiking, touring of local markets, along with trips to museums and other culturally significant destinations in the area.  All of these excursions are free of charge aside from a minimal transportation fee.

Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!

At all Think Abroad AFLS locations, students are encouraged to only speak the target language that they are studying, so every day is an opportunity to finely tune their understanding and knowledge of the foreign language they have traveled to learn.  Through social outings and cultural heritage trips, students will constantly be using and refining their skills through conversation and continued interaction with fellow students, staff, and local residents.  As a result, Think Abroad students attain a heightened confidence and comfort level with the language they are seeking to take hold of and master.

Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!

As mentioned earlier, Think Abroad’s Partner school in Florianopolis is located on a street that has a school for the arts less than half a block away.  This school offers group and private lessons for dance, music, and theatre for students who may be interested in taking a class in Samba, or Bossa Nova among other local cultural arts.  Signing up is easy and affordable for students who are motivated to learn a traditional Brazilian dance, or art form in a residential setting.  With such an emphasis on conversation, social interaction, and cultural awareness, Think Abroad Partner School in Florianopolis is by far the smartest way to learn a Brazilian Portuguese and explore the culture!


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Study and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Florianopolis, Brazil!
  • The school offers airport pick up and/or drop off for a each way, which is carried out by a member of the school faculty directly.

  • The school offers courses for Celpe-Bras Preparation (Brazilian national certificate for proficiency in Portuguese)

  • There are no taxes or fees in Brazil upon arrival or departure at the airport.

  • Health insurance MUST be provided by the student’s home country, the school does not provide this service.